Try to ask some people about what will be their reaction, in case they lose their job. Majority of them would definitely say that they will be depressed, and would certainly cry for it. Some people are not aware of the things that they should do if ever they lose their job. It is innate to people to be disappointed in this kind of cases. You will have mix emotions, and you can’t focus. “I lost my job. What should I do? This is the common question of those who lost their means of living.

In case you lose your job, the very first thing that you have to do is to process your emotions. It is not advisable to suppress your emotions. Absorb the fact that you don’t already have a job, but still have positive outlook. After bursting out all the negativity, it is time for you to plan your application for unemployment benefits.

Now, you have to pay attention on this matter. There are a lot of people who make mistakes when it comes to this concern. Some people don’t know when to file for unemployment benefits. Take note; do not file for your unemployment benefits before or on the last day of your work. The state has all the means to verify the last day of your employment. If they find out that you filed on or before the due date, there is a chance that your unemployment claim will be rebuffed.

After the last day of your work, make an unemployment claim right away. Remember that the process of making an unemployment claim may entail a lot of time. The state has to review your previous wages, and they also have to contact your former employers. The verification process may take long. It would be better if you start the application process immediately so that the state can conduct the verification process as soon as possible.